About us
We enable entrepreneurs to build a sustainable future

Innovestment is your digital investment and financing platform.
Join us on our mission to democratize capital for real economic progress.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can raise capital on innovestment.eu in an uncomplicated and transparent way. From this we develop broadly diversified investment projects with manageable terms and fixed interest rates for private and institutional investors as well as private placements in and for startups.

We thus offer solutions for two challenges at once:

  • SMEs in particular often have problems in raising growth capital. Banks have become even more restrictive in their lending policies, and mammoth projects like an IPO are simply out of the question for many SMEs.
  • On the other hand, there are investors who are looking for new ways to invest their money wisely in times of low interest rates.

Our credo
Simplicity is the key to success

We consistently focus on clarity and transparency in both our projects and our investment processes. We focus on people with their creative powers and personal responsibility. Companies we select to finance are run by conscientious entrepreneurs with innovative and competitive business ideas. We treat our investors as responsible, committed partners at eye level.

Our investment opportunities are characterized by attractive topics, solid returns and manageable terms. This gives our investors the opportunity to easily build up a diversified portfolio of investments. We support them with knowledge, because only those who are well-informed can make sound decisions and ultimately develop more interest and enthusiasm.

Our vision
A new generation financial services provider

Innovestment was founded in 2011 as one of the first German crowdfunding platforms as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University in Cologne and has been headquartered in Berlin since 2014. With the further development into a digital investment boutique with its own marketplace, we are realizing our idea of a contemporary, fair financial service – without pitfalls, without hidden costs. It is based on the idea that money is nothing more than a unit of account. If we can motivate other people to use their money beyond pure consumption or low interest savings to maintain a functioning real economy through targeted investment, we have already come a long way towards our goal.

We also cultivate these thoughts within our community. Our network is alive and tested. We are involved in the relevant associations, clubs and initiatives. As a founding member of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), we are in an intensive exchange with the representatives of our industry. Looking beyond the horizon is just as important to us as the courage and farsightedness to tackle future issues with courage.

Our team
With experience and passion

Our team consists of professionals from the fields of financing, financial investment, IT, law and communication. Together, we bring over 80 years of experience in the financial services industry. Together, we bring the vision of Innovestment to life. Learn more about the Innovestment team.

Our network
Versatile and proven

We have always been involved in the environment of entrepreneurship, science and associations. The active exchange of experience and the joint improvement of the framework conditions for our industry are important to us. Our selected, qualified network of capital providers, financial investment brokers and entrepreneurs is our ear in the capital market of financial products. This, together with our unbeatable cost-benefit package, results in a personal and tailor-made financing mix approach to projects, from which both companies and investors benefit. Learn more about the Innovestment network.

Our core values
We are committed

A healthy corporate culture includes common values that run through all our actions. We have defined five values that we fill with life every day:

  • simplicity
  • entrepreneurial thinking
  • creating added value
  • responsibility
  • learning organization

The main focus is on the benefit for the people in our environment.

Here we have defined our core values for you in more detail here

Track record

Financed Projects

8 Million €
Total Investment Volume

Our responsibility

We feel responsible for our society and environment. That is why we have defined very clear sustainability goals for ourselves, which are based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

In addition, we also apply these standards to the companies with which we work for financing. An indication of which SDGs are supported by the individual investment projects can be found in the respective offer profiles. Learn more about our understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).