Our core values
What we believe in

Image of the core values of Innovestment

We make life easier for people

We believe in: Only the simple has success. We go through our processes again and again to be sure that they are user-friendly and clear. We act clearly and comprehensively, both internally and externally. We express ourselves clearly. If we use technical terms, we also explain them. If someone has questions, we answer them in a friendly and accurate manner.  

We act with foresight and consider how we can save others time and brainpower. Through offers that suit them, for example. Through the right and appropriate amount of information. Through the simple drafting of contracts.

Creating added value
We achieve win-win-win solutions

We want to make a difference. We can only do this if our actions create added value for everyone. To achieve this, we develop a deep understanding of what our team, our customers and partners need. We listen, inform ourselves and obtain other opinions. Win-win is not enough for us – we achieve win-win-win solutions by constantly creating additional benefits and thus achieving an increase in value – both in terms of ideas and money. We focus on the needs of the people we are addressing – companies that finance through us, our investors, our team and our partners.

We are there for you

We are aware of our responsibility in all matters and act accordingly. This takes place on different levels. We feel responsible to our surroundings and therefore do not leave it alone. This also affects our environment and our society. We question what consequences our actions have for others and only then decide what we do. And we take responsibility for our actions and their consequences. People should feel that they are in good hands with us. This includes that they can understand our actions.

Entrepreneurial thinking
We recognize opportunities and use them

We believe in the value of an entrepreneurial society with qualities such as courage, creativity and collaboration. Whether entrepreneurial, employed or freelance: We act entrepreneurially. For us, this means that we act with care, foresight and self-determination, and that we have a clear view of a goal. That we recognize opportunities, assess them and take the initiative ourselves. That we create our own opportunities when they offer added value. That we also take risks when we can calculate their effects.

Learning organization
Progress through constant development

We take to heart the principle of lifelong learning and thus continuously live up to our claim of "rethinking finance". Open-mindedness, curiosity and further education are as much a part of this as the open conflict resolution. Sharing knowledge, dealing constructively with criticism and adapting to new circumstances are part of our company culture.