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Successful entrepreneurship is associated with growth. Sometimes companies are unable to cover their financing needs for growth and innovation projects from their own resources or through the proven structure of their house bank.

Searching for suitable, uncomplicated and cost-efficient financing?

Conditions at a glance

Form of financing: Subordinated loan

Loan amount: 250,000 - 6 million euros

Term: variable

Payout: monthly 

Repayment: variable

Interest rate: fixed rate between 3 -11% (depending on risk profile)

Funding criteria

Innovestment offers you a piece of the puzzle for your financing mix. Using a modern form of financing. In addition to subordinated loans, private placements are also possible, especially for startups. If required, we can also recommend potential co-financiers or alternative financing methods.  

At first, you need to fill out the financing request form. We examine your financing request individually so that we can respond to your specific requirements. It is important to us that you find the right financing instrument.  

Afterwards we will start the plausibility check, because we feel obliged to our investors to offer qualified investment opportunities.

Your project should meet the following basic criteria for a financing request:

Existing company form as GmbH, UG, AG or GmbH & Co. KG

Entrepreneurship (growth and project financing)

Presentation of sustainable product quality based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Our projects mainly arise from the following areas:

Sustainability (impact investing)

Presentation of sustainable product quality based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Innovation (revenue stage startups)

The Financing Process
Financing at Innovestment takes place in three phase

StepsRequestPlausibility check* Preparation--
DescriptionAnswering the questionnaireFilling in the checklist and submitting relevant documentsSigning the agreement and jointly preparing the financingCarrying out the public financing round on innovestment.euDigital Investor Management
Services/value added
  • checking the financing application
  • brief feedback with tips for financing mix
  • document review
  • constructive feedback with reasons
  • detailed onboarding package
  • standard contracts
  • submission investment information sheet (VIB) with national regulator BaFin
  • offer profile on
  • trustee, monthly payment of the capital raised
  • PR and marketing support
  • distribution of the offer
  • digital support for your investors
  • report**- and interest rate management
  • follow-up financing possible
Durationup to 5 working daysup to 5 working daysapprox. 4-6 weeksapprox. 1-6 monthsdepending on duration Ø 3-5 years
Costsfree of charge500 € net5,000 € net5 % on total brokered capital0.5 % p.a. on total brokered capital

* as a financial investment broker, we are legally obliged to perform a plausibility check

** annual reports on the development of the company prepared by you


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