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Enabling a sustainable future

We have designed all processes for you to be as simple and transparent as possible. They are the essence of our experience since the founding of Innovestment in 2011 and our observations of the international market.

All our investment projects are carefully selected and follow a sustainable, future-oriented approach. This is in line with our investment boutique approach and reflects our understanding of added value.

The investing process
You are only a few steps away from placing your investment on Innovestment.

Step 1


on as a private individual or company free of charge. 

Step 2

Choose a project

Scroll through the project description and make your choice. You can view further information about the project, if you are registered and logged in to your account. 

We recommend you to spread the investment sums over several projects in order to build up your personal portfolio and diversify risk. 

Step 3

Start investing

by clicking the button “start investment process” in the chosen project.

Step 4

Select investment amount

from usually €500 depending on the project up to €25.000, companies can also invest beyond this amount. The amount can be adjusted in steps of €500. If you invest more than €1.000 you need to confirm the following self-disclosure (German: Selbstauskunft):  

"I confirm that I either have freely disposable assets in the form of bank deposits and financial instruments of at least €100,000 OR that the total amount of my investment does not exceed twice my average monthly net income."

Step 5


by entering your personal data, that you are fully aware of the “risks of complete capital loss” associated with the investment as listed in the investment information sheet (German: Vermögensanlagen-Informationsblatt - VIB). This is legally regarded as a signature.  

Step 6


by clicking the button “Invest”. Afterwards you receive the payment information and contract documents via email. You can also view your documents at any time in your Innovestment investment account.

Step 7

Transfer investment amount

to the escrow account. You find the payment details in your confirmation email.


Stay up-to-date

Find annual reports, information about the company's development as well as received and outstanding interest in your investment account. 

For projects that are still open to invest, you can invest again until you reach your individual the maximum investment amount.

With the Innovestment Premium Account you can activate further useful functions in your investment account. You can find more information here.

We take your safety seriously

  • Your data is good hands. The technology of our platform meets the latest security standards. All data between browser and server is transmitted encrypted in both directions among other things, this can be recognized by the small lock and the https://, which are displayed in your browser line. The data is stored on a server in Germany.
  • We handle your capital with the same confidence. Our certified payment service provider, to whom your money is transferred, acts as a trustee. This means that only the payment service provider has access to the money and manages all payments.
  • The confidential handling of your personal information is very important for us. In collecting, processing and using personal data, Innovestment follows the legal regulations, in particular those of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). You can find more information in our Data Protection Declaration and in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

This is how our projects come about:

When carefully selecting our investment opportunities, we are focused on quality over quantity. We feel obliged to our investors and in accordance with our task as financial investment brokers to offer valuable investment opportunities with a balanced and attractive risk return profile.  

Therefore, we not only consider facts and figures, but also sustainability in the broader sense, as defined by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We thoroughly screen every company that raises funds on Innovestment via a plausibility check. Read more about our selection criteria.

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