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JC Sandalwood Invest

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Sustainably protect species and the climate

By investing in Jäderberg & Cie's Australian sandalwood mixed forests, you ensure the continued existence of the precious medicinal healing raw material and at the same time contribute to the active reduction and long-term sequestration of CO2. Sustainability on all levels: This is how impact investing works. Learn how you too can invest effectively.

Interest p.a.:

7.75  %

Start of interest calculation:

Interest accrues from day 1

Payment of interest:

at maturity

Min. investment amount:

€  500

Max. investment amount:

€  25,000  (private person)
€  100,000  (companies)

Investment type:

Subordinated loan

Issue volume: 

€  500,000

Offer ends on: 

Dec 31, 2021

Contract period: 

Dec 31, 2029

Project owner: 

JC Sandalwood Invest 18 GmbH & Co. KG

Investment amount

Your repayment including interest

Calculation Basis

Interest period:

at maturity





8,5 years

Warning: The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested.

The healing effects of sandalwood on TV

In the ARD report "Wissen vor Acht Zukunft: Schnupperalarm mit Haut und Haar“  the editorial team has summarized briefly and succinctly what is basically already known for thousands of years in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is ultimately also our mantra: Sandalwood has fascinating healing effects. And not only the precious oil, but also the fragrance, Learn more! (available in German only)

wissen-vor-acht Sandelholz-Beitrag

Online company presentation (in German)

When: Tuesday, 28 September 2021 5:30 p.m.


First-hand information: 
Meet Peter Jäderberg (CEO) and Rainer Weitzel from Jäderberg & Cie. Find out more about the event and register now.

To the events

Find out more about the project here to make your investment decision with the necessary background knowledge.

Project description

Fascinating, rare, valuable, sought-after, productive: that is sandalwood, one of the oldest types of wood in the world. It is in demand all over the world for cultural, natural cosmetic and medicinal purposes, but is threatened with extinction due to overexploitation, among other things. Quintis, the world market leader for sandalwood, has been cultivating sandalwood on sustainably managed plantations in the tropical north of Australia for about 20 years. The environmentally friendly and socially acceptable cultivation not only protects the freely growing sandalwood population, but also contributes to the worldwide binding of CO2 and thus to climate protection: A single tree binds 21 kilogrammes of CO2 per year. In addition, the global buyers of sandalwood finally have a sustainable source.

The Hamburg-based impact investor Jäderberg & Cie ("JC") became Quintis' first international plantation investor in 2010. Other institutional investors include the Harvard University Foundation, the largest sovereign wealth fund in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Investment Council) and the Church of England.  

JC buys the plantations and commissions Quintis to cultivate and harvest the plantations, then to process the trees, and finally to market and sell the final sandalwood products, such as essential oil, powder and wood in various forms.

Meanwhile, the JC Group owns several sandalwood plantations with over 550 hectares of sandalwood. The special thing: Only through JC is it possible to participate in this impact investment as a private person. An opportunity that has been used by around 1,500 investors to date, who benefit from the economic and ecological potential of sandalwood. Through the Innovestment offer, this is possible from as little as 500 euros.


The term until December 31, 2029 can be shortened by early termination after five years, which reduces the interest rate to 5 percent. You can find more information in the VIB below in the offer profile.

What convinced the Innovestment team to offer you this project?

Sandalwood - coveted and revered for thousands of years and now almost extinct due to overexploitation, your investment in the reforested mixed forests in Australia not only protects this medicinal healing raw material, but also has a strong positive effect on fauna, flora, groundwater and climate protection. 

Impact investments are usually only accessible to an exclusive group of investors. This is finally different with this investment in climate and species protection, because the minimum investment amount of 500 euros allows more people to get involved. We are also convinced by the fact that Jäderberg & Cie. itself has been successfully investing in the plantations for over 10 years and is in Australia as often as possible to ensure that the trees are thriving.

Quintis employees checking the quality of sandalwood trees in Australia

This speaks for JC SANDALWOOD

JC Icon Blatt

Diverse sales and growth potential worldwide

Sandalwood offers a variety of uses in medicine, culture, cosmetics and nutrition. Hardly any natural raw material can be used in as many different ways as sandalwood, which opens up an almost inexhaustible demand potential. More than one billion people worldwide use products containing sandalwood ingredients.

jc icon baum

Extremely limited supply of sandalwood

Sandalwood can hardly be found in the wild anymore. The wild tree populations are acutely endangered due to decades of overexploitation, among other things. The World Conservation Union (IUCN) therefore placed this tree on the Red List of endangered plant species years ago.

JC Icon Blatt

Stable, low fluctuation plant

No matter who is president, whether stock markets collapse, real estate bubbles burst or governments change - the sandalwood trees continue to grow unimpressed. As a tangible asset, sandalwood has a low fluctuation potential and brings relief to the portfolio due to the low correlation with the volatilities of the capital markets and economic developments. Sandalwood as a tangible asset investment is largely independent of currency fluctuations and therefore suitable as an admixture or to complement an investment portfolio and strategy.

jc icon holz

Exclusive access enables favorable entry conditions

Only Jäderberg & Cie makes it possible to give private investors access to this impact investment, which was otherwise only available to a handful of institutional investors.  With the relatively low entry sum starting at 500 euros, an investment in JC Sandalwood Invest 18 can mean entry into the important field of impact investing for many people.

Sustainability at all levels

From climate protection through CO2 reduction to biodiversity and the creation of new remedies: An investment in the sandalwood investment of Jäderberg & Cie. brings about sustainability on all levels and is thus an impact investment par excellence.

Who is actually behind the project? Here we have compiled information about the company and its team. 

Peter Jäderberg Founder and CEO of the Jäderberg & Cie. Group

Impact investor Peter Jäderberg is an experienced multiple entrepreneur and is considered one of the pioneers in the field of natural asset investments. He has already initiated and successfully managed a variety of international alternative investment projects, mostly with sustainable assets. He has been active in the field of sandalwood since 2010. Peter Jäderberg is involved in various international networks on the topic of impact investing. The misleading by the capital market that their "sustainable investment" products would bring about sustainability in the real economy drives him in publications and presentations.

"For us, a sustainable world also means financial inclusion"
Interview with Peter Jäderberg from Jäderberg & Cie.

Not everything that says sustainability is actually sustainable. Experienced impact investor Peter Jäderberg knows that, especially in the case of supposedly green investments on the capital market, only a minimal proportion actually generate a sustainable impact. Why he criticizes the EU legislation on the Green Deal, how he experienced his own first crowdfunding project and where he wants to be in ten years - the native Swede and Hamburg resident finds clear words in the interview.

To the interview

Strong team

JC Heidrun Helmke

The professional heart of the business graduate beats for sales, marketing and communication - most of her 25-year career in the field of finance and insurance. She has been working closely with Peter Jäderberg since 2008 and has therefore accompanied the creation and development of JC Sandalwood investments from the very beginning.

JC Rainer Weitzel

Rainer Weitzel is a communications and sales specialist and a firm believer in tangible asset investments.  He has been active in the investment world for almost 30 years, including over 20 years in various management positions at international financial services companies. At Jäderberg & Cie. he has found his heart's topic with "Impact Investing" and has been contributing his experience and expertise here since 2018.

JC Tim Bosse

After many years as a business lawyer and partner in a medium-sized law firm, Tim Bosse has specialized in the conceptual design of investments. This includes both the asset level and the area of investment products. In the field of sustainable investments, he has been supporting Jäderberg & Cie. with his expertise for more than ten years.

JC Ulricke Glatz

How do we achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals? What transformation is needed in our society to create sustainable value for people and nature? Questions like these move Ulrike Glatz. She is an experienced consultant in the field of impact investing, founder of the Global Impact Alliance and last but not least a valuable and effective reinforcement of the JC team.

Strong partners

About Jäderberg & Cie.

Logo Jäderberg

The Hamburg-based JC Group of Companies has been operating its own sandalwood plantations managed by Quintis since 2010. Today, almost 350,000 sandalwood trees grow on the five plantations (around 700 hectares) in the tropical north of Australia. Only through the JC Group do co-investors have access to the Sandalwood investment. JC is also the only corporate investor. In 2018, it began marketing sandalwood products and sandalwood. JC furthermore plans to launch its own natural cosmetics line based on sandalwood.

About Quintis

Logo Quintis

The JC partner Quintis (Australia) Pty Limited was founded in 1997 (at that time under the name TFS-Tropical Forestry Services) and is considered the world's leading supplier of sandalwood and producer of pharmaceutical-grade sandalwood oil. Quintis has decades of expertise as well as state-of-the-art infrastructures and has received multiple certifications and awards. In 2018, Quintis was restructured and privatized. As of today, Quintis cultivates approximately 5.8 million Indian sandalwood trees on its plantations, which cover approximately 12,900 hectares.

"There are still too few real impact investing projects"
Interview with Peter Jäderberg from Jäderberg&Cie.

Peter Jäderberg, founder and CEO of Jäderberg & Cie Group

Was verbindet Peter Jäderberg mit der schwedischen Umweltaktivistin Greta Thunberg? Und warum gibt es seiner Meinung nach zu wenige echte Impact-Investing-Projekte? Diese Fragen und noch einige mehr beantwortet der Geschäftsführer und Gründungsgesellschafter der Jäderberg & Cie.-Gruppe im Interview. Eine lesenswerte Lektüre für alle, die sich für nachhaltige Vermögensanlagen interessieren und mehr darüber erfahren wollen, was zu wirklich wirkungsorientiertem Investieren gehört.

Zum Interview

Business model

The integrated value chain from seedling to a sustainable product

The value chain at JC begins with the cultivation of the sandalwood as a pure, sustainable raw material. Attention is also paid to purity and environmental compatibility in the processing of the sandalwood and its by-products. One example is the pure natural cosmetics that are sold directly and whose packaging is currently 97 percent biodegradable. In the next step, it will even be completely degradable.

JC value creation

The home of JC Sandalwood

The JC Sandalwood plantations are located in the Australian states of Northern Territory and Queensland. In addition to the Quintis headquarters, the representative office of Jäderberg & Cie is also located in Perth. The precious sandalwood oil is produced at the distillery in Albany.

JC Australia

A good basis for making an investment decision always includes the corresponding business figures.

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Get a better overview of the industry and its environment so that you can better assess the market.

Coveted worldwide

Indian sandalwood and its wood and oil products as well as the end products processed from them are sought-after commercial goods all over the world.

JC Sales markets

Demand for sandalwood

In the Western world, sandalwood essential oil is an important ingredient in high-priced perfumes, serious natural cosmetics, and in the future, aromatherapy, food flavoring, and the pharmaceutical industry. "Among other things, sandalwood can contribute to the healing of neurodermatitis and psoriasis, as well as help against multi-resistant germs," says Peter Jäderberg. In Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, the special properties of sandalwood have been known for millennia. In March 2021, Quintis was able to conclude an offtake agreement with Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceuticals, the largest Chinese manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicines. However, Western conventional medicine has also discovered the healing properties of sandalwood oil. Experts estimate the market potential for Chinese applications in Germany at  20 billion euros.

JC Sandelholz-Chips und Öl

Sandalwood offer

The natural sandalwood stocks, for example, are almost extinct due to illegal overexploitation in India - the largest supplier of sandalwood to date. Quintis has succeeded in replacing India as the traditional "monopolist" for sandalwood through plantation cultivation in Australia. In doing so, the company has accumulated expert knowledge over many years, which gives it an invaluable edge over new competitors. By cultivating on the Quintis plantations, the high demand for sandalwood can be satisfied. In addition, the damaged tree populations in India are thus given the opportunity to regenerate. JC Sandalwood investors thus contribute to the protection of an endangered tree species and also make a contribution to climate protection. This is because the trees make an active contribution to reducing and binding CO2.

JC Kernholz Sandelholz

Facts and figures are not everything. Here you will find more information worth knowing as well as regular news.

News from JC Sandalwood
This is how the year 2020 went on the plantations

How do the sandalwood trees develop? What is the impact of the pandemic? What is happening in the development of the sales markets? These and other questions have been answered by the Jäderberg & Cie. team in the status report. (available in German only)

Committed and awarded

Logo Deutscher Beteiligungspreis 2019

Jäderberg & Cie. was awarded the German Investment Prize for its JC Sandalwood investments in 2017 and 2019. The renowned award, which has been presented annually by the trade magazine BeteiligungsReport since 2008, was presented in the categories "TOP alternative investment" and "TOP impact investment".

JC Engagement: Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlage, Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen, tonic

Jäderberg & Cie. is also committed beyond its specific tangible assets. The company is also active within its industry as a member of the Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V. (Forum for Sustainable Investments) and the Impact Investment Action Alliance TONIIC, and also flies the flag for the Federal Association of German Foundations and as a sponsor of the Hamburg Elbe Philharmonic Orchestra.

Qunintis Zertifizierung nach ISO 14001 Umweltmanagement, ISO 9001 (Qualität) und AS/NZS 4801 (Gesundheit und Sicherheit)

Quintis has received several awards and certifications for its sustainable business management and environmentally friendly measures, including ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO 9001 (quality) and AS/NZS 4801 (health and safety) certification.

Online presentation for investors (Recording)
How can I invest impact-oriented? Impact Investing pioneers Jäderberg & Cie in conversation

That's what it's all about:

  • What is impact investing?
  • What is special about sandalwood investing?
  • How can I become an impact investor myself?

Peter Jäderberg (CEO) and Rainer Weitzel (Communications & Sales) is telling you more about this groundbreaking investment strategy and goes into specific details about JC investments. Christin Friedrich, CEO of Innovestment, is leading the discussion. 

Jäderberg & Cie. in the press
Here are excerpts from the media coverage (available in German only)


JC Sandalwood Kids
Nachhaltigkeit schenken an die nächste Generation

An investment in Indian sandalwood saves the endangered tree for future generations. Why not include them right away? With the JC Sandalwood Kids campaign, Jäderberg & Cie. offers the opportunity to use the offer to build up assets for the next generation and thus provide children with a financial springboard for the future.  

The drawn JC Sandalwood participation is presented in the form of a gift box. It contains a personal text, the document of the gift and a sandalwood gift such as a sandalwood bead bracelet, key ring or colouring book. This gift idea, which is sustainable in every sense, is suitable, for example, for birth, school enrolment or religious occasions such as confirmation or confirmation.

You can find out more about JC Kids here.

"Give a sustainable future" - child lies on grass and has a globe in her hand - label

Goals of Sustainability (SDGs)
The JC Sandalwood Invest 18 project makes a special contribution to these goals:

Symbol 3 of the UN goals for sustainable development: Good health and well-being
Symbol 6 of the UN goals for sustainable development: Clean water and sanitation
symbol 8 of the UN goals for sustainable development: Decent work and economic growth
Symbol 12 of the UN goals for sustainable development: Responsible production and consumption
Symbol 12 of the UN goals for sustainable development: Responsible production and consumption
Symbol 15 of the UN goals for sustainable development: Life on land
Symbol 17 der UN-Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung: Partnerships for the goals

More information on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be found on the Corporate Social Responsibility page.

You can also give away your investment sustainably

Cash gifts are popular, but rather boring as a note in an envelope. Tangible assets also make good gifts and are better protected against inflation than cash. With our "Sustainability as a Gift" programme, you can simply give your investment as a gift. For children, this means a financial stepping stone for birth, school enrolment, confirmation or initiation. At the same time, your gift contributes to financial education. Just as well, of course, you can also give sustainability as a gift to adults - for an engagement, marriage or even the start of a university degree.

More Information>

Gift details form

If you have any questions about this, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +49 30 577 010 870.

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