Good reads – our curated news review of the month December 2020

Dec 23, 2020
Good reads - December 2020

Sustainability and fintech news dominate our social media highlights this month. Also: A great article about Sugartrends. Great to see how the platform, which was funded through us in 2016, has developed since then. Finding new ways to retail has certainly never been more important. Enjoy the read!

Here we go:

Exemplary in the best sense: The "Startups for Tomorrow" join forces to tackle the challenges of sustainable trade together. For example, young companies in particular often lack the capital and resources to develop packaging made from ecological raw materials. The network is intended to promote exchange in these matters and form a high-profile counterweight to the big players.

(article in German)

In this interview, Tim Rehder, Partner at venture capital investor Earlybird gives an overview of the European fintech ecosystem and describes how fintech, banking and blockchain intersect in Europe. Blockchain, in particular, plays a major role as it democratizes access to financial products by creating fully digital financial markets that are controlled and managed purely by lines of code. The fragmented European market, with its 27 member states (and its 24 spoken languages!), forces tech startups with European origins to think internationally very early on, and to expand as well.

The trend of impact investing is now reaching venture capital companies. Norrsken is a pioneer here: The first fund originated in Sweden and was 25 million euros in size. The current, second fund is 100 million euros. Unfortunately, the minimum investment is 200,000 euros. It's nice that impact investing is easier with platforms like ours. 

(article in German)


We have been following Sugartrends' activities very closely since they were financed via Innovestment. "The online presence of a Cologne store used to be a 'nice-to-have,' but since Corona it has been developing more and more into a 'must-have,'" said CEO Dr. Christian Schwarzkopf recently. His vision: to become the Amazon of Cologne.

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