Good reads – our curated news review of the month February 2021

Feb 22, 2021
Good reads - February 2021

The global stock markets are in a party mood. Since last year, people have been trading for all they're worth. Fortunately, there is still enough money left over for sustainable financial investments and impact investments. In addition, the topic of FinTech plays a role in our news.

Here we go:

Are Germans getting tired of saving and finally deciding to invest more money? The numbers of people investing in shares, ETFs or funds are currently rising rapidly. Two groups in particular have ventured into the stock market: men (10.3 per cent compared to six per cent for women) and 30- to 39-year-olds (12.8 per cent). FinanceFWD analyses the Civey survey.

(article in German)

The stock market boom is sending positive signals about investing. Parallel to this, the interest of private individuals in green financial investments is growing significantly. The best known of these are direct investments in wind farms. But green is also possible on the stock exchange: individual shares in sustainable companies or sustainable ETFs are one possibility. We are pleased to be able to contribute to sustainable change in the economy with our offerings as well.

(article in German)

Startnext, like Innovestment, is one of the pioneers of the German crowdfunding scene. In an interview with, co-founder Tino Kreßner sums up the past ten years and gives an outlook: "In my team, I specifically dealt with the thesis that the success of companies and projects in 2030 will no longer be exclusively dependent on economic factors. Ecological and social factors will play a much stronger role in the next ten years." We are looking forward to it!

(article in German)



Berlin continues to be ahead of the game when it comes to FinTechs setting up shop. With more than 300 Fintechs, every third company in the sector is based in the capital. But: Munich and Hamburg continue to catch up. The Hanseatic city recently even knocked Frankfurt out of third place. Read more about the Fintech Hub Ranking 2020 in the linked article.  

(article in German)

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