Good reads – our curated news review of the month January 2021

Jan 28, 2021
Good reads - January 2021

Once again, sustainability plays a major role in public perception. We address three perspectives here: customers, employees and consultants. Another topic that will certainly make circles in the future is collaboration with influencers in the financial industry. Does it succeed in the way we know it, especially in connection with lifestyle products?

Here we go:

Sustainability is seen as an attraction driver in marketing. But without a credible link to the brand's core values and specific performance evidence, it remains colorful actionism or irritating figures. Impact brands have a clear mission and offer concrete solutions. And these are important to consumers, as a study shows. 

(article in German)

Does ESG already play a perceptible role in consulting? Do intermediaries already feel well versed in this topic? And which target group attaches particular importance to sustainability? A survey shows: The green conscience has already arrived among financial investment advisors.

(article in German)

Can financial products be credibly promoted via influencers? FinanceFWD is investigating this question. One of the challenges is to find the right cooperation partners. After all, financial products often don't fit in with the majority of influencers - which can easily make them look untrustworthy. So it's better to look at relevance rather than reach.

(article in German)

Deutsche Bank will link the salaries of its board members to the achievement of sustainability targets. "It is our ambition to become a role model for sustainability in the financial industry and thus contribute to a more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and better managed economy," explained Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing. The remuneration of the bank's top executives is to be based on specific sustainability criteria from 2021, he added.

(article in German)

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