Good reads – our curated news review of the month November 2020

Nov 23, 2020
Good reads - November 2020

This month we have again compiled some of our social media highlights for you. Fintechs play a major role in these, both here in Germany and in Latin America. They also deal with sustainability, which could soon be given special consideration in a new legal form for companies and in the balance sheet. Last but not least, we share a contribution on our own behalf: Martin Wrobel visited us in Berlin's Mindspace and interviewed Christin Friedrich for his podcast #MARKETING_021. You can look forward to a lot of background information!

Here we go:

The combination of rising risk provisions and ever greater pressure on earnings could lead to banks and savings banks tightening their credit supply in the Corona crisis of all times. But demand from companies is high. Fintechs and credit platforms could close this gap. (Article in German)

The financial services sector is a particularly male-dominated industry - except in Latin America. Here, the number of fintechs founded by women is five times higher than the global average. As Covid-19 is boosting demand for fintech services, growth could be even stronger in 2020. A view across the Atlantic Ocean.

Entrepreneurs and scientists are calling for a new legal form: The "society in responsible ownership" should make it easier for entrepreneurs to let companies continue in the long-term in the interests of their founders. This means that profits must remain in the company and potential successors must be guided solely by the company's goals. (Article in German)

A group of companies led by the chemical group BASF, Deutsche Bank, Philip Morris, Porsche and a handful of other groups are planning to develop new accounting rules. They should be able to show the consequences of entrepreneurial activity on society and the environment in hard figures. This is surprising, since these companies are not necessarily eco-pioneers. (Article in German)

Ok, we admit it, in the end it's all about us, and apart from that there is more to hear than to read. But what better place than this to recommend the interview with Christin Friedrich on Marketing "From Zero To One", the podcast about marketing and startups? We think so: No. (Podcast in German)

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