Good reads – our curated news review of the month November 2021

Dec 1, 2021

This month we look to the future: What measures need to be taken to bring entrepreneurship in Germany to a higher level in the next decade? How can more female investors be addressed in the future? And is equity crowdfunding really a suitable financing tool to continuously drive the boom in biotechnology? 

You can find the answers to these exciting questions here – let's go:

For Germany to maintain its economic growth in the future, a robust and dynamic start-up ecosystem is needed. Today, about 2,900 companies are founded in Germany every year. To double this number by 2030, measures such as increasing the share of female entrepreneurs, more spin-offs from universities and research institutions, doubling the number of entrepreneurs without a university degree or simplified, digital bureaucracy and tax procedures are necessary.

The proportion of female investors has been rising steadily for years. The crowdinvesting platforms  WIWIN, Rendity, dagobertinvest and ROCKETS HOLDING explain their strategies to further increase this share. In doing so, the platforms focus primarily on transparent communication, providing knowledge about alternative financial investments and sustainable products. (article in German)

In the last decade, equity crowdfunding for biotech projects has significantly improved its reputation. What was once an unusual fundraising method is now another of the many ways for biotech start ups to finance their expensive development processes. 

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