"We want to become the market leader for solar module repair and recycling" - Interview with Josef Gmeiner, CEO of Rivanosol
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Mar 9, 2021
Josef Gmeiner

Energy is a fundamental right – this is what Josef Gmeiner says 's opinion and at the same time motivated him to found Rinovasol. His company repairs and recycles solar panelsmodules and thus contributes to promoting the expansion of photovoltaics in a sustainable way. In the first part of our interview, he explains what makes Rinovasol special among the competition. He also provides insights into his personal experiences and ventures a look into the future.

INN: How did you come up with the idea to develop your business model?

JB: The product idea came to me when I sold solar modules eight years ago, but then after some time a complaint was lodged. The manufacturer from China no longer existed and so I had to find a solution, since I owed it to my customer. This was the birth of the Rinovasol repair solution.

INN: What makes Rinovasol different from others in the market?

JG: Our business model differs in that, unlike all the other providers in the market, we pay money for the damaged modules. The exact amount depends on quality, quantity and location.

INN: What drives you, what moves you?

JG: The opportunities that the solar industry offers and the business models and opportunities that can be derived from them drive me.

INN: What personal experiences influence your actions?

JG: My bad decisions, which I made from time to time in the learning process of my entrepreneurial activity, serve me to positively influence my actions positively. Because only those who make mistakes are in a position to learn a great deal and thus to make big things happen.

INN: What was the best decision you made in your professional career?

JG: The best decision I have made in my career was to join forces with my current business partner.

INN: What tools, what apps, what software make your day-to-day work easier?

JG: It's mostly communication apps like WhatsApp or WeChat, but also LinkedIn, which make my daily work easier.

INN: How do you switch off in your free time?

JG: In my free time, I prefer to relax by fishing.

INN: Where do you see your product or business model in ten years?

JG: We see our group of companies in ten years as a leading company in the in the field of refurbishment and recycling of solar modules.

INN: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

JG: Myself, in ten years, I will be able to provide incredibly cheap energy, based on refurbished solar modules, anywhere in the world. Because I am of the view that energy is a basic right and every person in the world should have a baseload of energy available to them.

About Josef Gmeiner, CEO Rinovasol: 

Technical talent and entrepreneurship with passion, that characterizes Josef Gmeiner. He has already been globally active with his companies in his younger years. For more than 10 years, Josef Gmeiner has been active in the solar industry as a project planner and full-service provider of turnkey solar plants. His idea to refurbish solar modules is the cornerstone of the Rinovasol Group.

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