"Entrepreneurs need 100 percent passion and a dose of madness" - Interview with Josef Gmeiner of Rivanosol
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May 6, 2021
Josef Gmeiner Rinovasol

As CEO of Rivanosol, Josef Gmeiner has dedicated himself to making renewable energies even more sustainable. He achieves this by repairing and recycling solar modules instead of disposing of them prematurely. In the second part of our interview, he tells us why he wanted to become an entrepreneur as a child and what he enjoys most about his job. He also explains why he chose crowdfunding as a form of financing. Read the first part of the interview here.

INN: What did you want to be when you were a child - and what career did your parents envisage for you?

JG: I wanted to be an entrepreneur and run a big company from the time I was a child. My parents would have liked me to become a mechanical engineer.

INN: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs or founders?

JG: My advice to other entrepreneurs and founders is to go at it with 100% passion and a good dose of madness. The people who list an infinite number of reasons why it can't and won't work, should be seen for what they are - as an incentive to prove it to everyone.

INN: What do you enjoy most about your job?

JG: What I enjoy most about my job is that we can do things that are unimaginable for many people and thus make the world a little bit better.

INN: Why did you choose crowdfunding for your financing and in particular Innovestment in particular?

JG: We opted for crowdfunding because we consider this financing option to be optimal for our business model. Innovestment was recommended to us by business partners.

INN: Why should others invest in your project?

JG: All interested people should invest in our business model, as we are only at the beginning of an exciting development and we are sure to have an impressive story with almost unlimited possibilities in this industry. The potentials are far from exhausted.

INN: Which prominent personality would you like to meet and what would you ask them?

JG: It would certainly be exciting to meet Elon Musk one day and have an exchange with him about what it would take to change the world to such an extent that there would be a little more justice and bring about more and more peace.

INN: What would you like to see from the Federal Minister of Economics?

JG: We are trying to implement our business model on a global scale, detached from political influence, so I would just like to see the German Minister of Economics being successful in carrying out the tasks that the coronavirus has brought up.

INN: Do you have a lucky charm? If so, what is it?

JG: My wife helps me, even in difficult moments, to believe in my strengths and to continue on the path I have chosen, even when faced with doubts. Therefore, I will call her a lucky charm here. She just brings me luck.

INN: Do you have a motto for life? What is it?

JG: Try the impossible, only in this way will you achieve the maximum possible.

About Josef Gmeiner, CEO Rinovasol: 

Technical talent and entrepreneurship with passion, that characterizes Josef Gmeiner. He has already been globally active with his companies in his younger years. For more than 10 years, Josef Gmeiner has been active in the solar industry as a project planner and full-service provider of turnkey solar plants. His idea to refurbish solar modules is the cornerstone of the Rinovasol Group.

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