"Climate protection is at the core of our corporate DNA" - Interview with Karsten Reetz from reconcept
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Nov 20, 2020
Karsten Reetz, Managing Director of reconcept GmbH.

Karsten Reetz is managing partner of reconcept GmbH and a climate protector by conviction. His maxim: sustainable management with appropriate foresight. As a trained banker, he regards sustainability with the view of the economy. In the interview he explains reconcept's dual strategy, why he finds it important that financial products can also be drawn digitally and what should not be missing in his everyday office life under any circumstances. 

Innovestment (INN): How did you get the idea to develop your product or business model?

Karsten Reetz (KR): When I joined reconcept in the early 2000s, I was inspired by the business model of combining banking and renewable energies in green investments. I was already convinced of the need for an energy turnaround back then - when an energy supply with solar and wind was still dismissed as a green fad. At the same time, I saw the return potential of investments in solar and wind energy systems.

INN: What makes your product or business model different from others on the market?

KR: Our dual strategy: we are a provider of green investments - and have been for over 20 years - and we are project developers. reconcept operates along the entire value chain of renewable energies - from project development, construction support and financing to the ongoing operation of renewable energy plants for up to 20 years. Our green investments connect this business model with investors - both private and institutional investors. Climate protection is therefore the core of our corporate DNA and has been since 1998!

INN: Why should others invest in a sustainable investment at reconcept?

KR: We offer exclusively ecological, sustainable investments. Our investors - both private and major investors - participate indirectly in the construction and operation of wind, solar and hydroelectric power plants, and in return they receive attractive payouts or interest rates that are significantly above the current market environment. Our investors profit from our many years of market experience. reconcept pursues an active performance management. Our investors can rely on our extensive network and many years of know-how in transactions, project management in the construction phase and during the ongoing fund or asset management.

INN: Why did you choose crowdfunding and especially Innovestment for your financing?

KR: The trend among consumers to buy digitally via online channels is unbroken and will certainly continue to grow. This also applies to the financial market. Investors increasingly expect not only to be informed online, but also to be able to act independently - in other words, to be able to subscribe to a financial product online. This is why we offer the online subscription channel in addition to our established, analogue processes. After all, we want to remain relevant for our customers. Innovestment not only offers a technically reliable platform for this. With Innovestment, we have a partner at our side who stands out due to its comprehensive experience in the financial services industry.

INN: Have you ever invested in crowdfunding yourself? If so, in which project(s)?

KR: Actually no. I mainly invest directly in my own business and my own projects.

INN: What do you enjoy most about your job?

KR: ... that I can combine my interest in the technology of future energies with my commercial know-how. I find it extremely interesting to deal with the technical innovations in the field of renewable energies. It is also nice when cooperation leads to a successful conclusion of a contract after often lengthy and intensive negotiations. 

INN: Do you have certain rituals in your everyday work?

KR: For me, every office day starts with a cup of green tea. 

INN: Do you have a motto for life? What is it?

KR: I have more dreams than reality can destroy.

About the person:

Karsten Reetz has been managing director of reconcept GmbH since 2006 and has also been a shareholder since 2016. His maxim: sustainable management with appropriate foresight. The trained banker has been active in the area of tangible asset investments since 2000. Before joining reconcept, he was responsible for the successful market launch of new sales and sales financing concepts for a Hamburg private bank. 

In the course of setting up a Hamburg issuing house, Karsten Reetz was responsible for the conceptual development of closed-end investments in the field of renewable energies and the placement of the investments via banks and independent financial service providers. Under his leadership, reconcept was continuously expanded and has been operating since 2009 as a bank-independent issuing house, asset manager and also as a project developer of renewable energy plants. In addition to the original core business in Germany, this opened up new wind-rich regions in Europe as well as new product sectors such as wind energy and hydropower in Canada. His aim is to create sustainable value for his clients, his team and society.

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