"Individual transportation of the future will be e-mobility" – Interview with Markus Hörning from emonet
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Jul 7, 2021
Markus Hörning Interview

E as in “Einfach” (Simple) - the slogan of a well-known electricity and gas provider is also essential when it comes to expanding the charging infrastructure for electric cars. After all, anyone who decides to buy an "electric car" also wants to charge it with as little effort as possible. As an experienced building contractor, Markus Hörning has always thought holistically. The idea of including charging options in his construction projects eventually became a business model in its own right. In this interview, Markus Hörning talks about how he and his team developed emonet and why he wants to motivate others to support his concept.

INN: How did you get the idea to develop emonet?

MH: Through our construction activities. We work closely with municipalities on implementation to offer needs-based services and generate added value. With the redevelopment of a residential block in Lengenfeld, we decided to install charging columns on our property alongside a small park with many communal areas. We thought the issue through further, developed a concept and now want to implement this elsewhere. After enthusiastic reactions, we have been offered the first plots of land.

INN: What sets emonet apart from others on the market?

MH: First and foremost, the concept. It's a clear announcement with the promise of simplicity and reliability with reference to the usual perceptions regarding gas stations. We secure our business in attractive locations with the acquisition of land and involve the immediate stakeholders, who in turn thank us with great support. Our sales concept is innovative. With a subscription, the user does not pay the full price himself, but other "profiteers" contribute mileage.

INN: What drives you, what motivates you?

MH: My passion in my field is to offer people solutions for their needs that support them in their daily lives. In our specific case, that means the right apartment cuts, for example, with the right amenities at the highest level at affordable rents. With the right environment and offers, such as the charging stations. Since we know the demand in residential areas, this will also be a focus of our charging infrastructure offering.

INN: Why did you choose crowdfunding and Innovestment in particular for your financing?

MH: With Innovestment, the communication and speed of implementation are just right. We are very excited about the campaign and a bit excited about the new topic on the platform. Crowdfunding itself is not that new to us.

INN: Why should others invest in your project?

MH: Because, from our point of view, our concept and the implementation have a hand and a foot and we are personally fully behind emonet, by the way, also financially. We implement concretely and in any case, with or without investments or subsidies. E-mobility will be the individual means of transport of the future. The market will be huge and we want to be at the forefront. Therefore implement now, therefore invest now! We cordially invite everyone to join us.

About Markus Hörning, CEO Markus Hörning GmbH:

Markus Hörning is an experienced businessman in the real estate and housing industry and a registered certified real estate appraiser with 18 years of experience. His goal is to provide needs-based and optimal solutions - not only in theory, but above all in implementation.

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