Testing of crowdfunding platforms: Innovestment with rating “very good”
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Mar 1, 2021
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For the third year, €uro am Sonntag (EAS) is conducting a test of the largest crowdinvesting platforms in Germany. All platforms are scrutinized and evaluated from the perspective of the investors. Innovestment was also part of this year's platform test and was found convincing with the conditions of its offers as well as with a very good customer service.

It is gradually becoming a tradition in the crowdinvesting industry: the annual platform test of €uro am Sonntag (EAS), a publication of Börse Online. This year, the newspaper once again commissioned the German Customer Institute (DKI) to test German crowdinvesting platforms. The test is intended to give investors an overview of the various platforms and bring transparency to the market.

Comparison of crowdinvesting platforms: How the test was conducted

This time, the Düsseldorf-based customer institute examined 20 platforms according to the criteria of conditions, offer and customer service. A total of 380 individual criteria were examined in these areas. The most important test criteria included the average return, the selection of projects, and competence, speed and friendliness in dealing with customer inquiries. To test customer service, DKI conducted a total of 520 test customer contacts by telephone and mail.

The results were incorporated into an overall evaluation of the various platforms. DKI weighted the criteria of conditions and product range at 40 percent each and customer service at 20 percent. In addition, they were again subdivided into the separate categories of energy and environment, real estate, and corporate finance to ensure better comparability.

In der Gesamtbewertung aller Plattformen landete Innovestment auf Platz 5.

Innovestment achieves 1st place among energy financiers

In the overall assessment of all platforms, Innovestment achieved fifth place with 86.1 out of a possible 100 points and the grade "very good". The test winner was the Austrian platform Dagobertinvest, which specializes in real estate financing, followed by the real estate platforms HomeRocket and Exporo, and Bettervest, which offers real estate as well as energy and environmental investments.

Unter den Plattformen, die sich auf Energie und Umwelt spezialisiert haben, belegte Innovestment bei den Konditionen den ersten Platz.

In the list of platforms specializing in energy and the environment, Innovestment even ranked first in terms of conditions with 89.2 points and a score of "very good," followed by Bettervest and GreenVesting Solutions.

Von allen getesteten Plattformen belegte Innovestment beim Kundenservice den dritten Platz mit der Note "sehr gut".

But what we are particularly proud of in the ranking is that we have the third-best customer service of all tested platforms. Innovestment was able to score points with its competent, prompt and friendly response to customer inquiries. 

The result spurs us on even more. We will do our best not only to maintain the great result, but even to improve it. We would like to thank our team for the great performance and our customers for the trust they have placed in us!

You can read the full test report here (article in German).