We promote the transfer of knowledge
Innovestment is in active exchange with the scientific community

Innovestment is working closely with universities, colleges and research institutes. This has not only to do with our holistic approach, which is characterized by simplicity, transparency and diversity, but also with our origins:

Innovestment is a spin-off of the RWTH University Aachen, the largest university for technical studies in Germany. Our co-founders Filipe da Costa, Daniel Appelhoff and Alexander Rajko received their doctorates in the field of entrepreneurship from Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel, who also heads the affiliated startup center.

So we have our roots in science and want to explicitly promote the exchange between science and practice. Because we believe that both are mutually dependent: Science, which can go into depth like no other discipline, and business, which needs such profound background knowledge to structure, underpin and develop its sometimes fast-moving business with facts.

What we offer the scientific community:

  • accompaniment of master and doctoral theses
  • cooperation in the form of lectures, events, seminars & co.

Our range of topics is broad and includes for example

  • entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurial finance
  • innovation and technology
  • sustainability
  • fintechs
  • behavioral science

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