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Whether grandparents, parents or godparents – they want their offspring to start life without financial worries. That is why grandchildren and (godparents) children are often given money as an alternative to toys and like. And not only for birthdays or Christmas, but also especially on special occasions such as baptism, communion, confirmation or youth consecration, or on school milestones such as enrollment or graduation.

Since many children and young people today are concerned with the topic of environmental and climate protection at a very early age, sustainable investments in material assets such as those offered by Innovestment are particularly suitable. At the same time, they have an educational value, because – correctly explained – they can contribute to financial education.

Giving sustainability as a gift naturally also works as a gift for adults, for example for graduation, engagement or marriage.

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The alternative to bank bills

Gifts of money are popular – but can be a bit boring. It does not always have to be the bill in the envelope or feeding the piggy bank. Material assets are also ideal as gifts and are better protected against inflation than cash. With our "Sustainability as a Gift" program, you transfer the investment amount and the interest to the person who receives the gift.

The investment to touch
What would a gift be without the right packaging?

Most people like to hold something they can touch in their hands. Therefore, in addition to the declaration of gift, you will also receive a decorative certificate that you can hand over. Some project providers also provide pretty, theme-related gift boxes. The JC-Investments, for example, offer sandalwood gifts. The current selection includes a bracelet or key ring with a real sandalwood pearl or a coloring book. The gift box does not incur any further cost.

Gift to childen under seven years

When making a gift to children, it should be noted that this can only be officially made at the age of seven. If the child to be given an investment gift is younger, we will therefore provide you with an additional declaration of intent to give, which will then be replaced by the official declaration of intent when the child reaches the age of seven.

How it works
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Giving sustainability as a gift

You will receive all documents by mail. Please note that the processing time can take up to five days after receipt of the subscription amount. If the gift is particularly urgent, please let us know.

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