With experience and passion

Christin Friedrich, CEO Innovestment GmbH

Christin Friedrich

has been a member of the Innovestment team since 2012. She is an entrepreneur by conviction and the managing director as well as a shareholder since 2014. The further development of Innovestment into a digital investment boutique is closely linked to her own experience and that of her community. She sees uncomplicated, inexpensive financing opportunities as the basis for economic growth in Germany and Europe. At the same time, she wants to inspire even more people to use alternative forms of financing with a wide range of investment opportunities. The certified financial investment broker (Finanzanlagenvermittlerin IHK) is involved in numerous organisations and associations and, as chairwoman of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), pursues a pan-European approach to the industry.

Hans-Helmuth Foeh, CEO Aktivwert GmbH

Hans-Helmuth Föh

is the managing director of Aktivwert GmbH and as a shareholder has played a major role in the relaunch of Innovestment 2019. Hans-Helmuth Föh brings a wealth of experience in the conception and sale of investments in SMEs. Through his work as managing director at Anlagenwert Hamburg GmbH, an independent brokerage company for high-quality investments. He also gives Innovestment access to his extensive network.

Susanne Stock Innovestment

Susanne Stock

has been responsible for press relations at Innovestment since 2019 and holds the threads in communication together. After starting her career in the luxury hotel industry, she switched to the PR sector in 1995 and has experienced and internalised the change from classic analogue press relations to cross-media communication at first hand. One of her strengths is the ability to present complicated facts in a comprehensible way.

Bjoern-Andresen Innovestment

Björn Andresen

has given Innovestment the right face as a graphic and web designer in just about every phase of the company. He has been working for companies in the online and offline world for around 20 years. Björn Andresen manages the design process from conception to execution for UX/UI design and print products. Even after all these years, his technical skills and his distinct creativity still lead to positive surprises in the public eye.

Nina Strumpf Innovestment

Nina Strumpf

is the career changer at Innovestment and has been on board as project manager since the beginning of 2020. She is a mediator and has worked for various NGOs in Germany and abroad. Nina has held her ground as a project manager in complex and fragile countries such as Lebanon, bringing with her many years of experience in process management, organizational and strategic development and a pronounced degree of persistence and flexibility.

Nadja Berghoff

Nadja Berghoff

has been supporting the team since 2020 in communication, social media and partnership management. She already had her first contact with crowdfunding during her bachelor thesis in social economics. She completed her Master's degree in International Relations (King's College London). Intercultural communication is particularly close to her heart. This also includes her passion for languages.

Bjoern Bruechner

RA Björn Brücher

is a lawyer, start-up, venture capital and capital market expert at WSS Redpoint Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH in Cologne and has been working with Innovestment in an advisory capacity for 8 years. In particular, his expertise in all legal aspects of company formation and financing as well as in the structuring of participation models comes into play. Björn Brücher is himself a co-founder of a FinTech start-up and therefore knows the entrepreneurial perspective.

Franziska Erfurth Innovestment

Franziska Erfurth

has been a business developer at Innovestment since 2019. She has already demonstrated her outstanding organisational talent in recent years in the Safety Management Team at Berlin Airports. She is always open to new ideas: Franziska Erfurth is studying business administration at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences on a part-time basis, specialising in digital business and environmental and sustainability management.

Johannes Pankoke

Johannes Morgado

has been a technology partner of Innovestment GmbH since 2014. With his software company individee GmbH, which he founded in 2010 together with Frank Basner, he develops intuitive IT solutions. One example is the Innovestment platform, which is tailor-made to meet the company's needs in terms of technical implementation.

Frank Basner

Frank Basner

as co-founder of individee GmbH is also technology partner of Innovestment GmbH. The business information scientist (HP Inc., Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) specializes in putting complex specifications into practice and, as for Innovestment, translating a demanding task into an intuitive result.